Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crappy Christmas

I feel this on e requires a preface, lol.  We (my brother and I) don't come from money.  Money went to bills and what was left over was for Christmas.  My mom, in order to prepare us, would tell us every.single.year. without fail, "It's going to be a crappy Christmas."  She still does it and we're in our mid-40s.  Anyway, this is the card I'm sending to my brother this year. 
For the stamp, I did something different.  The stamp is from the Crappy Day stamp set from Unity Stamps  but it is too small for this year's card.  I stamped it on a white sheet of paper and then scanned it and imported it to Silhouette.  I don't have the picscan mat and by scanning it, I was able to enlarge it to the size I wanted.  I believe the main font is Santa's Sleigh from dafonts.  I don't have any stickles, but I have a large (4 oz) bottle of Tulip glitter diamond fabric paint.  It works great and just requires a little more drying time.

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